Welcome to Pajamas for PitBulls !  

We are a Calgary, Alberta  based home business that specializes in creating quality handmade pajamas to keep your best friend warm both indoors and outside. 

I have sewn my whole life and enjoyed being creative and also a avid pit bull advocate. Being involved with the breed for over 25 years and  trying to demystify the "bad dog" image of the bully breeds. These loyal, family orientated dogs have become "bad rap" with the media over the years just as many others before it
We are *NOT* breed specific Pjs for  ** all sizes for all breeds !! 

We believe that every dog has a unique personality and with our selection of prints you will find the right one to keep them looking both adorable and cozy.

Since I own two pit bulls and live in Canada in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, the weather here is not so "short-hair dog" friendly and I noticed that my "pibbles" were constantly cold. I designed a "onesie" that covers them entirely leaving openings in the belly and bum areas, so that both boys and girls are able to do their outside "business" with their pajamas on and stay clean to come in and lay by the fire or snuggle on the sofa.

After making a few pairs and sharing pictures with friends on Facebook and with a local pit bull rescue here in Alberta, the orders started rolling in and the beginning of Pajamas for Pitbulls. 

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Thank you , 
Stephanie Karr
Owner and Creator